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Season 0, Episode 0 · 2 months ago

Jayden Jones Trailer

Meet Jayden, a gifted college student who has reluctantly returned to crime investigation in order to support himself and his mother. He's created this podcast as a means of documenting his investigations and to bring awareness to underlying scandal that has infiltrated his hometown of Vallejo. Along the way he makes friends and enemies, but it’s up to him to tell the difference between them in order to keep his home safe.

Season 1, Episode 1 · 1 month ago

Episode 1: Wasted Riches of Vallejo

After hearing rumors of a secret casino underneath Vallejo, Jayden is convinced to restart his career as a private investigator.

Jayden Jones Episode 1 Team and Witnesses:

Written by Taylor Ryan Rivers

Directed by Evan Macedo

Editing and Sound Design by Joy Cheever

Script-Supervised by Marisa Caddick

Music by Evan Macedo

Produced by Taylor Ryan Rivers, Evan Macedo, and Marisa Caddick

Jayden Jones - Taylor Ryan Rivers

Syd Morgado - Miya Kodama

Alex Simmons - Rhayme Spencer

Jayden’s Mom - Kiara Muhammad

Jane - Ashley Morton

Ruscal Reyes - Dom Bournes

Police Officer - Ben Hirschhorn

Grace - Emma Spike-Neaman

Additional Voices - Maddy Murphy, Austin Karkowsky, and Nicholas Petroccione.